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At Zora Skin Care Clinic, we make sure you get the best results guaranteed! Thanks to our state of the art equipment, both ladies and gentlemen can now eliminate unwanted facial and body hair rapidly, safely, effectively and pain-free!


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About LightSheer® Duet™


A compact and reliable 800 nm diode laser platform for high speed permanent hair reduction. The LightSheer Duet Laser Hair Removal offers two distinct laser hair removal systems in one versatile platform: 

The popular LightSheer ET and the high speed LightSheer HS. 


LightSheer is designed for those who desire fast and comfortable laser hair removal treatments anywhere on the body. 

Data source: Beth Haney, NP; Christine Dierickx, MD; Mitchel Goldman, MD 


Patients will prefer high speed hair removal with LightSheer Duet over other options, proactively seek out and select

practices offering this treatment and technology. Patients will do so for the following benefits: 


  • Faster treatments save precious time, ease scheduling 

  • Comfortable treatments encourage treatment completion

  • Completed treatment cycle improves results, satisfaction

  • Larger treatments may even become more affordable



“Patients will love it. Nurses will too.  I recently treated a large gentleman’s back and in the 20 minutes it took to treat him,

he was practically falling asleep –  the treatment was that comfortable.” – Christine Dierickx, MD (Dermatologist, Belgium)


  • "The fact that new technologies often choose LightSheer as the basis for comparison emphasizes that it’s such a trusted
    and popular device.”  Shlomit Halachmi, M.D., Ph.D. 

  • “This significantly larger spot, among other things, is what makes the HS handpiece stand out. This translates into a reduction in treatment time of up to 75%, which has numerous, obvious benefits as long as the safety and efficacy are there.”  E. Victor Ross, M.D.

  • "The science behind the HS handpiece allows for successful treatment at a lower fluence, thereby conferring hair removal efficacy similar to that of other lasers, but with much lower levels of discomfort during treatment." Omar A. Ibrahimi, M.D., Ph.D.

  • "I've used several laser hair removal devices in my practice...LightSheer remains the 'gold standard' because it is the most effective for targeting unwanted hair. Effectiveness, long lasting results, satisfied patients...all add up to repeat business and positive referrals."  Beth Haney, NP


  • "Patients will love it. Nurses will love it...I recently treated a large gentleman's back and in the 20 minutes it took to threat him, he was practically falling asleep - the treatment was that comfortable." Christine Dierickx, MD

  • "The new LightSheer DUET is extremely well tolerated by patients. My hair removal nurse likes the single pulsing for treatment speed and patient comfort. My expectation is the LightSher diode will perform better as it penetrates deeper...This system is definitely worth pursuing." Girsh Munavalli, MD

  • "I had my back treated with the new High Speed system in 15 minutes. Normally, this would take about an hour to do, so the time savings alone is significant. ... i think it's a winner."  Mitch Goldman, MD

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